State Cards Geography Game. Conquer the United States with this action packed card game. 50 State Cards, 3 different game rules in each deck. Each State Card is part of a region made up of 5 states, with 10 regions in all. 


  • Each State Card focuses on one state, showing a highly-detailed image of the terrain. They're fun just to look at!
  • The maps show each state capital along with other major cities.
  • The maps show rivers, lakes and interstate highways.
  • The maps show the highest point and the hottest place.
  • Each card has a miniature region insert that shows where its state is located in relation to its region.
  • Each card shows its state abbreviation (good for learning postal codes).
  • Each card shows its state flag.
  • Each card shows 6 state characteristics: Land Area, Date of Statehood, Highest Point, Hottest Place, Total Population, and Capital City Population,
  • Each deck comes with 3 different game rules, but more FUN game rules can be found here.