Roxy's Eat Right Game

Join Roxy and her friends on a quest to find healthy foods. Build healthy eating habits with your kids. Box contains one fold-out 20" x 20" game sheet and 51 Eat Right Cards. Game sheet is 2-sided (2 games) plus rules for 2 other games to play without the game sheet. 

Click on the above cards to open a larger image.  Each card highlights a common food item in beautifully colored graphics illustrated by former Disney cartoonist, Clifford Dunston.

• Each card shows the number of servings of the food group for which it pertains.

• Each card shows the typical number of calories in the food item.

• Each card has a "Vitamin Power" rating and a "Junk Factor" rating. These ratings are calculated using a formula based on the content of vitamins, minerals and junk ingredients (fat, cholesterol, added sugars and sodium) as a percentage of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

• Each card is given an "Overall Rating" based on a formula using Vitamin Power per Calorie and Junk Factor per Calorie.

• Each card has a short description of the good and bad characteristics of the food item.

• The cards are color-coded by food group acording to MyPyramid.

• Each deck comes with 3 different games: Duel, Snack Attack, and Build-A-Meal - find even more game rules here.

• Each of the games will help kids to form healthy eating habits. Players are rewarded for choosing good foods to eat and penalized for eating junk foods.

• Teachers can use these cards in the classroom as an fun teaching tool - kids just love the cards! Go to Teaching Tools.

 Eat Right Cards Nutrition Game (Deck only).  Develop good eating habits early in life to prevent health problems later. 51 Food Cards, 3 different games in deck.